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Grey Lake Phoenix (Grey Lake Shifters Book 6)

Grey Lake Phoenix (Grey Lake Shifters Book 6)

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Grey Lake Phoenix (Grey Lake Shifters Book 6)

by K.L. King (Author) 

Format: Digital Edition (EBook)

At the twilight of her existence, Tessa Lane, a phoenix shifter, departs from Grey Lake, leaving the village vulnerable just as a malevolent phoenix, Alden Williamson, seeks its destruction to seize power and longevity. Desperate to protect their community, Tessa's Guardians seek a savior, finding a glimmer of hope in Alden's son, Aiden Williamson.

Aiden, plagued by a sense of unfulfilled potential for over three decades, has never experienced his phoenix shift. However, reuniting with childhood friend Jamie ignites a dormant flame within him.

Jamie Stanton, a wolf shifter, endured abduction and torment under Alden's command but has since reclaimed his strength and telepathic abilities as one of Grey Lake's Guardians. Devoted to Aiden and driven by long-standing affection, Jamie is determined to assist him in embracing his phoenix heritage and thwarting his father's malevolent ambitions.

Can Jamie guide Aiden in unlocking his phoenix potential and thwart his father's destructive plans? Discover the answers in "Grey Lake Phoenix – Grey Lake Shifters Book 6."

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