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Grey Lake Shifters Book 1: Brave Bear

Grey Lake Shifters Book 1: Brave Bear

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Grey Lake Shifters Book 1: Brave Bear

by K L King (Author) 

Format: Digital Edition (EBook)

Having broken free from her tumultuous family and the suffocating urban life, Iris Williamson seeks refuge in the tranquil mountain village of Grey Lake, accompanied by her wolf-like companion, Riley. Embracing the opportunity for a fresh start, she assumes the role of head baker, yearning for the peace and anonymity offered by the town's unsuspecting inhabitants.

Deacon Clay, the steadfast beta of the Grey Lake wolf pack and a seasoned law enforcer, possesses a wealth of experience in dealing with both criminals and those in distress. However, Iris's arrival presents a unique challenge. Unaware of the existence of shifters, let alone her own latent predatory nature, the reserved baker captivates Deacon's attention. Haunted by his own turbulent past, Deacon endeavors to keep his distance from the alluring newcomer, fearing the potential consequences.

Yet, Iris's penchant for finding herself in perilous situations repeatedly draws Deacon to her side, despite his efforts to resist. Unbeknownst to him, Iris harbors a strength and resilience that belies her outward appearance, capable of handling herself with remarkable proficiency.

As Deacon grapples with his conflicting instincts to protect and maintain his distance, Iris's true capabilities remain concealed, poised to surprise those who underestimate her.

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