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Cat's Lightning (Grey Lake Shifters Book 5)

Cat's Lightning (Grey Lake Shifters Book 5)

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Cat's Lightning (Grey Lake Shifters Book 5)

by K.L. King (Author) 

Format: Digital Edition (EBook)

Leah Fitzsimmons, a cougar shifter, endured a tumultuous childhood marked by abuse and neglect, but she now finds solace in the relative safety of Grey Lake, New Hampshire. Recently discovering her supernatural speed, she's become one of the Guardians of Grey Lake, entrusted by the magical powers of phoenix shifter Tessa Lane to safeguard the town and its shifter populace. As she grapples with newfound responsibilities and the support of friends beyond her brothers, Leah is astonished to realize that her true mate is among Grey Lake's kindest residents. However, plagued by self-doubt, she questions whether she deserves his affection.

Finn MacLeod, a wolf shifter, grew up as the youngest amidst six boisterous brothers, enduring taunts for his size and age. Now an esteemed officer in the Grey Lake Police Department, he rejoices in finding his mate but fears for her safety amidst the town's perils. As Leah's powers emerge and her risks escalate, Finn struggles to comprehend her abilities while striving to protect her.

Meanwhile, the power-hungry phoenix shifter, Alden Williamson, harbors dark intentions of destroying Grey Lake to rebuild it from the ashes. Standing in his way are Tessa and her Guardians, who must rally their allies when disturbing news surfaces.

Can Leah and Finn safeguard Grey Lake, or will Alden's ambitions consume the town? And what fate awaits Tessa and her allies? Discover the answers in "Cat’s Lightning – Grey Lake Shifters Book 5."


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