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Stash Fusion Green and White Tea

Stash Fusion Green and White Tea

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Product Information:

Stash Fusion Green and White Tea is a unique blend that combines high-quality green tea with rare and delicate white tea. The blend includes Mutan White (White Peony) tea, sourced from the leaves of the da bai or "big white" bush, mixed with buds from the shui hsien or "water sprite" tea plant. These leaves and buds are notable for their silver tips and soft, silvery appearance.

This tea also incorporates green tea from Japan, China, and India, resulting in a pale gold infusion with a smooth, delicate flavor. The fusion of these teas offers a balanced and refreshing taste, making it a favorite among tea enthusiasts. It is lightly caffeinated, offering a gentle lift without being overly stimulating.

White tea, known for its rarity and limited production, particularly from China’s Fujian province, is a prized ingredient in this blend. The tea is carefully harvested and minimally processed, ensuring the preservation of its delicate flavors and natural antioxidants.

To enjoy this tea, steep it for 1-3 minutes at a temperature between 170-190 degrees Fahrenheit. This blend is available in both tea bags and loose-leaf forms, making it convenient for different brewing preferences.

Product Features:

  • Green tea
  • Fusion Green & White
  • Caffeinated 

Package Includes:

  • 18 ct -18 tea bags in a box
  • Case - 6 x 18 ct boxes

Package Shipping:

  • 2 to 5 days Shipping
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