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Stash Asian Pear Harmony Green Tea

Stash Asian Pear Harmony Green Tea

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Product Information:

Stash Asian Pear Harmony Green Tea combines the delicate taste of Japanese-style green tea with the sweet and juicy flavor of Asian pear. This tea is designed to provide a refreshing and harmonious drinking experience, perfect for any time of the day. It offers a smooth influx of energy thanks to the naturally occurring L-theanine in tea plants, which helps prevent the typical caffeine crash associated with coffee.

The tea is crafted from high-quality green tea leaves and a natural pear flavor, ensuring a bright and invigorating taste. It is particularly suitable for those looking for a less caffeinated alternative to coffee, while still enjoying a flavourful beverage.

Product Features:

  • Green tea
  • Natural pear flavor
  • Caffeinated 

Package Includes:

  • 18 ct -18 tea bags in a box
  • Case - 6 x 18 ct boxes

Package Shipping:

  • 2 to 5 days Shipping
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