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READYWISE Powdered Eggs, Dried Powdered Eggs Bucket

READYWISE Powdered Eggs, Dried Powdered Eggs Bucket

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READYWISE Powdered Eggs Bucket Enjoy the convenience and long shelf life of 144 Servings Freeze Dried Powdered Eggs, an ideal solution for those looking to store nutritious and versatile eggs for an extended period. Perfect for emergency preparedness, camping, and everyday use, these powdered eggs ensure you always have a reliable source of protein at hand.

Product Features:

  • Long Shelf Life: Freeze-dried for maximum preservation, these powdered eggs can be stored for years without refrigeration.
  • Convenient Servings: Packaged to provide 144 servings, making it easy to portion and use as needed.
  • High Nutritional Value: Retains the essential nutrients and protein found in fresh eggs.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for a wide range of recipes, including baking, cooking, and emergency meal preparation.
  • Made in USA: Produced with high-quality standards to ensure safety and reliability.

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Weight: 6.2 Pounds (Pack of 1)

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