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Lost Wolf (Grey Lake Shifters Book 2)

Lost Wolf (Grey Lake Shifters Book 2)

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Lost Wolf (Grey Lake Shifters Book 2)

by KL King (Author) 

Format: Digital Edition (EBook)

May Jensen's recent past has been marred by adversity. In a valiant effort to shield her friend Iris from cougar shifter assailants, May sustained a grave head injury, an affliction typically fatal to humans. Since then, plagued by persistent headaches and memory lapses, the diminutive wolf shifter finds herself unable to continue her career in law enforcement. Adrift without her beloved profession, May grapples with the challenge of healing and discovering her new path in life. Returning to her childhood passion for painting offers solace, yet her art inexplicably unveils glimpses of the future, adding to her disquiet. Compounding her troubles, a malevolent force appears to be targeting her, but the identity and motives of her assailant remain elusive.

Beau Shanley, a grizzly shifter, has harbored deep admiration for May ever since the night he aided in repelling the cougar ambush. As the progeny of the former alpha wolf and sibling to the current one, Beau envisions a promising future for May, one seemingly incompatible with a man grappling to control his inner beast. Nevertheless, upon learning of the threats against her, Beau's primal instincts compel him to intervene. Both he and his animalistic nature are resolute in safeguarding her from harm.

As May and Beau join forces to thwart the assailant's machinations, the assaults escalate, resulting in harm to an innocent bystander. Is this a vendetta seeking retribution, or does it signify a broader conspiracy targeting the shifters of Grey Lake?

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