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K-Iced Essentials Single Serve Coffee Maker

K-Iced Essentials Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Introducing the new Keurig® K-Iced Essentials™ Coffee Maker. Enjoy delicious, refreshing iced coffee or flavorful hot coffee using one versatile coffee maker. Prepare the perfect coffee for every desire, mood or moment of indulgence.

Always easy, always perfect. It's all in the new blue Ice Brew button. Just press this button and the K-Iced Essentials™ Coffee Maker automatically adjusts the brewing temperature, hotter at first to extract full flavor and then cooler to reduce ice melting. All this results in a lively, balanced iced coffee that never tastes watered down. Brew a 355 ml (12 oz) glass of your favorite iced coffee or choose from 3 cup sizes for hot coffee

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