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Eagle's Flame (Grey Lake Shifters Book 3)

Eagle's Flame (Grey Lake Shifters Book 3)

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Eagle's Flame (Grey Lake Shifters Book 3)

by K.L. King (Author) 

Format: Digital Edition (EBOOK)

Dr. Maeve "Mac" MacInnis, a dedicated physician, tends to the medical needs of Grey Lake, New Hampshire, the sole hospital serving the quaint shifter community. Her companionship comprises her chihuahua Lucy and her blind pug Linus, providing her with solace in an otherwise solitary existence. However, Mac's tranquil life is shattered when she is compelled to defend May Jensen by confronting and ultimately dispatching the treacherous Officer Cal Harris. The trauma intensifies when her close friend and neighbor, Alice, falls victim to a brutal murder while Mac is out with wolf alpha and police chief Heath Jensen.

Captivated by Mac's courage and intellect, Heath feels an instinctive urge to ensure her safety, especially as evidence suggests that Alice's killer may have targeted Mac. Despite Mac's initial reluctance to accept Heath's affections, the determined alpha refuses to relent. As Heath assumes the role of protector for Mac and her canine companions, their bond deepens into a tentative friendship.

Amidst Mac's endeavors to unravel a puzzling medical enigma affecting the bear shifters of Grey Lake and Heath's pursuit of justice for Alice, a latent ancient shifter ability within Mac begins to awaken. Collaborating to harness this newfound power, Heath and Mac realize its potential significance in safeguarding Grey Lake from impending peril. As their partnership evolves into something more profound, Mac discovers the unwavering determination inherent in an alpha's pursuit.

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