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Bear's Magic (Grey Lake Shifters Book 4)

Bear's Magic (Grey Lake Shifters Book 4)

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Bear's Magic (Grey Lake Shifters Book 4)

by K.L. King (Author) 

Format: Digital Edition (EBook)

In the span of a few short months, Piper Sullivan has endured the loss of her father to a debilitating illness and her sister's incarceration. Alongside her grief, she grapples with the burden of wielding ancient shifter magic that remains beyond her mastery. The enigmatic power both terrifies and intrigues her, yet amidst the uncertainty, she finds solace in the steadfast presence of Jasper MacKinnon, a reindeer shifter whose love provides her with a sense of security.

Jasper, a former firefighter turned agent of the Shifter Crime Bureau, has dedicated himself to protecting Grey Lake, his hometown, from the malevolent schemes of Alden Williamson, a sinister phoenix shifter bent on destruction. Collaborating with the Grey Lake Police Department, Jasper strives to shield his loved ones, particularly Piper, from the perilous forces that threaten their community.

As Piper grapples with her burgeoning abilities, Jasper stands by her side, determined to transform her potential into strength. Together, they confront the supernatural perils looming over Grey Lake, seeking to safeguard their home and each other from harm.

Will Piper harness her magic, turning it from a liability into a source of resilience? Can she and Jasper preserve the safety of Grey Lake amidst the encroaching darkness? Uncover the answers in "Bear’s Magic – Grey Lake Shifters Book 4."

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