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Unicity Matcha Chi-oka Blend for Natural Energy (30 Packets)

Unicity Matcha Chi-oka Blend for Natural Energy (30 Packets)

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Product Information:

Billions flow into the beverage industry annually to meet the demands of our fast-paced world, craving quick energy fixes like coffee and soda. Yet, these options often result in crashes due to excessive sugar. Enter Unicity Matcha Energy, a game-changer. Our Chi-Oka blend capitalizes on matcha's natural, sustained energy and antioxidants, delivering a metabolic boost and heightened mental focus without the crash or jitters of conventional options.

Product Features:

  • Contains Chi-Oka matcha, a unique ingredient formulated with premium quality matcha tea leaves (ceremonial-grade).
  • Contains L-theanine and citicoline, compounds that support cognitive functions.
  • Contains energy-supporting nutrients, including B vitamins and L-carnitine.
  • Great alternative to a sugary pre-workout drink.

Product Benefits:

  • Provides your mind and body with a boost of energy
  • Supports physical and mental performance
  • Helps you stay energized without the sugar crash or jitters
  • Supports antioxidant activity
  • Promotes relaxation and focus

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