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Universal Car Glass Winter Ice Removing Snow Shovel

Universal Car Glass Winter Ice Removing Snow Shovel

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Product Features:

  • Snow removal brush head: ABS high-strength plastic, PVC brush wire resistant to low temperature and not easy to break
  • Snow shovel head: made of ABS high-strength plastic casting, hard and firm
  • Handle design: EVA foam is used, which is soft, elastic and anti-aging. In winter, it is crack-proof and does not freeze hands. The groove design that fits fingers is more comfortable to hold. Inside the handle is a high-quality aluminum rod with high strength and good toughness.
  • The combination of shoveling and sweeping is more convenient and practical.
  • In addition to removing snow and frost from cars, it can also sweep electric cars, bicycles and houses, glass doors and windows covered by heavy snow.

Product Specification:

  • Material Type: ABS,Aluminum Alloy
  • Item Length: 70cm
  • Item Width: 24cm
  • Item Height: 10cm
  • Item Weight: 400g
  • Item Diameter: 70cm
  • Suitable for vehicle models: Universal type
  • Product color: Grey + Black Blue + White
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