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LED Camping Light Type-c Rechargeable Portable Night Light

LED Camping Light Type-c Rechargeable Portable Night Light

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Product Features:

  • Two modes can be adjusted according to the heart+(normal breathing state with built-in constant light mode and breathing mode), and different modes can be switched through touch buttons.
  • 360 luminous light is even and softer, maintaining efficient transparency, waterproof, resistant to falling, and durable.
  • LAMP SHAPE suspended LED filament design makes lighting highly linear and aesthetically pleasing, with magnetic attraction LED, flexible filament, soft and flexible, and can be bent at will.

Product Specification:

  • Material: transparent cover PC, base ABS
  • Size:70mm*70mm*145mm
  • Battery capacity:1500mAh Li-ion battery
  • Lamp life:25000h
  • Brightness:6-55lm
  • Color Temperature:2700K
  • Energy Efficiency Grade: G Grade
  • Protection grade: IP20

Package Includes:

  • Ambient Light*1


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