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Nail Powder Nail File Rhinestone Jewelry Set

Nail Powder Nail File Rhinestone Jewelry Set

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Product Feature:

Ideal for gifting on various occasions such as birthdays, trade fairs, promotions, holidays, staff welfare, business gifts, conferences, and more.

Product Specifications:

  • Name: 36W Smart Nail Lamp
  • Size: 180*1 50*88mm
  • Weight: 246.7g (with packaging)
  • Color: pink
  • Features: Suitable for all kinds of nail polish.
  • Name: Nail towel
  • Size: 148*200mm
  • Weight: 101.9g (with packaging)
  • Quantity: about 500 pieces
  • Features: High-quality kapok, not easy to fall off.
  • Name: Point Drilling Pen
  • Size: 13. 3cm
  • Weight: 37.8g (with packaging)
  • Quantity: 5 pcs/group
  • Texture: Acrylic Rod + Metal Pen
  • Features: Can make exquisite patterns, dot flowers, Sketch etc.
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