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Track Rolling Ball

Track Rolling Ball

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Product Features:

  • Experience the excitement of a unique rolling ball track that twists, turns, and spirals, providing endless entertainment.
  • Engage in interactive play as the ball races along the track, captivating attention and stimulating hand-eye coordination.
  • Customize the track configuration with flexible pieces, allowing for various layouts and challenges to keep the play dynamic.
  • Vibrant and contrasting colors enhance visual stimulation, making the rolling ball track visually appealing for children.
  • Durable materials ensure the track's stability during play, accommodating the enthusiastic movement of the rolling ball.
  • Introduces basic physics concepts like gravity and motion, promoting learning through hands-on exploration.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, making it portable for play in different areas of the home or on the go.

Product Specification:

  • Theme: Sports
  • Ability training: Emotional, visual, intellectual development, crawling, hands-on
  • Color: 3 layers+3 balls, 5 layers+5 balls, 7 layers+7 balls
  • Applicable population: Boys/Girls
  • Applicable age: Child (3-6 years)
  • Toy material: Plastics
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