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Melody Of The Sun Perfume By Mancera for Men and Women 4 oz

Melody Of The Sun Perfume By Mancera for Men and Women 4 oz

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Product Features:

  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting experience of Melody of the Sun, a fragrance that captures the essence of an olfactory sunrise, evoking warmth and radiance.
  • The fragrance is distinguished by a solar accord, featuring vibrant citrus, crisp pear, soothing lavender, and alluring jasmine notes. These elements create a harmonious and melodiously seductive olfactory symphony.
  • Melody of the Sun boasts a unique and carefully crafted scent composition that stands out with its refreshing citrus, sweet pear, calming lavender, and floral jasmine, creating a distinctive and memorable fragrance.
  • This fragrance is a sun-kissed memory in a bottle, invoking a delightful sensation that makes you smile—a nostalgic and uplifting experience encapsulated in every spritz.
  • The melodious and seductive quality of the solar accord, combined with the sun-kissed memory it evokes, ensures that Melody of the Sun leaves a lasting impression, making you smile with each wear.
  • With its olfactory sunrise and captivating notes, Melody of the Sun captures the radiance of a sunny moment, providing a refreshing and uplifting fragrance experience that lingers throughout the day.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Mancera
  • Fragrance Name: Mancera Melody Of The Sun
  • Fragrance Classification: Perfume
  • Volume: Available in 120 ml

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