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Baby Bottle Drying Rack

Baby Bottle Drying Rack

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Product Features:

  • The baby bottle drying rack features a removable tree shape design, providing a unique and charming appearance while offering functionality for drying various baby items.
  • Equipped with a feeding cup holder, this drying rack accommodates baby bottles, sippy cups, and other feeding accessories securely, ensuring efficient drying after cleaning.
  • The rack includes dedicated spaces for pacifiers and small accessories, promoting organization and making it convenient to dry multiple items simultaneously.
  • The multi-level design serves as a drying shelf, allowing air to circulate around each item and ensuring proper drying, promoting hygiene for your baby's feeding essentials.
  • The compact and space-saving design of the drying rack makes it suitable for small kitchen spaces or counter tops, providing an organized and clutter-free area for baby feeding items.
  • The rack is easy to assemble and disassemble, facilitating convenient storage or transportation, making it an ideal solution for both home and travel use.
  • Crafted from sturdy and durable materials, this baby bottle drying rack is designed to withstand regular use, ensuring long-lasting reliability for your baby care routine.
  • The open design of the rack promotes air circulation, preventing the accumulation of moisture and reducing the risk of bacterial growth, contributing to hygienic drying for baby items.

Product Specification:

  • Type: Drying Rack
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Model Number: Naipingjia
  • Choice: yes
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