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World Map Globe With Led Light

World Map Globe With Led Light

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Product Features:

  • Illuminate your curiosity with this world globe featuring a built-in LED light, adding a captivating and educational element to your space.
  • Designed with an English version world map, this globe provides clear and easy-to-understand information for educational purposes.
  • Choose between 20cm or 25cm sizes, allowing you to select the globe that best suits your preferences and available space.
  • Enhance your geography knowledge with this educational globe, perfect for teaching and learning about countries, continents, and geographic features.
  • Beyond its educational value, this world globe serves as a stylish and informative decoration for classrooms, offices, and homes.
  • The LED light feature adds a visually appealing aspect to the globe, creating a beautiful display and enhancing its overall aesthetic.
  • Crafted from high-quality materials, this globe is durable and designed for long-lasting use, ensuring it withstands frequent reference and handling.
  • The globe is mounted on a rotating stand, allowing for a 360-degree rotation, making it easy to explore and study different regions of the world.
  • Suitable for various settings, including classrooms, libraries, offices, and homes, making it a versatile and valuable educational tool.
  • The world map provides detailed information, labels, and boundaries, offering a comprehensive view of the Earth and its geographical features.
  • Easy to Read: With clear and legible text, this globe ensures that information is easily readable, promoting a seamless learning experience.
  • Interactive Learning: Encourage interactive learning with this globe, allowing users to explore and understand the world in a hands-on and engaging manner.
  • The LED light has a convenient switch for easy control, allowing you to turn it on or off according to your preference.
  • The combination of style and functionality makes this globe a decorative and useful addition to any space, balancing aesthetics with educational value.
  • Ideal as a gift for students, teachers, geography enthusiasts, or anyone interested in learning about the world, making it a thoughtful and educational present.

Product Specification:

  • Censor Code: GS(2016)4020
  • Product category: Globe
  • function: Teaching, Decoration
  • version: Pure English
  • material quality: polystyrene
  • Material: Metal alloy+Soft LED light
  • Size: 20/25cm
  • Applicable to: decorations, night lights, learning and education
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