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Keychain Gun Elastic Leather Rubber Band Gun

Keychain Gun Elastic Leather Rubber Band Gun

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Product Features:

  • This 1PCS elastic leather rubber band gun serves as a compact keychain, offering a folding design for easy portability and on-the-go fun.
  • Designed for kid-friendly outdoor play, this rubber band gun provides a safe shooting experience, making it suitable for parties and outdoor activities.
  • Ideal as a unique and playful gift, this keychain gun brings joy and entertainment to both kids and adults, making it a distinctive present for any occasion.
  • Perfect for fidgeting or stress relief, this keychain gun doubles as a charming and compact fidget toy, allowing for playful engagement and relaxation.
  • Includes a remote control for added convenience, making it easy to operate and control the shooting action with precision.
  • Suitable for various occasions, from outdoor parties and gatherings to casual play, providing versatile and enjoyable entertainment.
  • Crafted from quality materials, this rubber band gun is durable and built to withstand regular use, ensuring long-lasting entertainment.
  • Enhance outdoor activities with this entertaining keychain gun, promoting active play and creativity in a safe and enjoyable manner.
  • The folding design adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to carry the keychain gun effortlessly and deploy it for spontaneous play.
  • Engineered with safety in mind, this rubber band gun provides a kid-friendly shooting experience, ensuring harmless outdoor fun.
  • Encourages interactive play, making it an engaging accessory for kids' parties, outdoor events, or simple playtime with friends.
  • Features a keychain attachment for easy carrying, making it a fun and functional accessory for both kids and adults.
  • The compact size ensures easy storage in pockets, bags, or attached to keys, ensuring accessibility whenever a playful moment arises.
  • The included remote control allows for precise shooting control, adding an element of excitement to the rubber band gun experience.
  • Surprise your boyfriend with this unique and entertaining keychain gun, offering a quirky and playful gift that stands out.
  • Crafted with a kid-friendly design, this rubber band gun provides safe and enjoyable outdoor play for children, promoting active and imaginative adventures.

Product Specification:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Model Number: Toy Rubber Band Pistol Gun
  • Type of Wholesale: No
  • Pattern: Boy & Girl
  • Pattern: Cartoon Figure
  • Set Type: YES
  • color: black/red /green /blue

Package Includes:

  • 1 x toy gun
  • 1 bag of rubber bands
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